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Year of the Cock

Year of the Cock reveals junior varsity heroes Taken Outside And Shot Twice pumping their 2nd release onto the soft cheeks of Eat My Records. Positioning themselves for another five minutes of aural penetration, TOAST lubes up the listener's earholes with it's latest collection of statutory indiscretions. Leading off with mom's favorite aphrodisiac, menthols and taxidermy, and rounding out the night with hefty shots of whiskey from grampa's colostomy bag, Year of the Cock ensures no one's sobriety or decency will be spared. 

Year of the Monkey

Having found a new home on Portland indie label Eat My Records, seminary school dropouts Taken Outside And Shot Twice throw down the EP that kicks off their zodiacal album series: Year of the Monkey. Featuring fanatical rants about population control, animal-human mind-melds, and bewildering tales of formaldehyde swilling pizza chefs, Year of the Monkey is sure to grab your nana's junk and give it a twist.

Year of the Ram

Join TOAST as they shoehorn this demo into their album litany—so they can break up sooner! Unfazed by the presumed criticism from making such an unsavory move, TOAST utilizes its collective super power of internalizing any feelings of inadequacy by crushing it into a tight little ball of hate, and spewing it upon these 5 minute “albums”, which simultaneously serve as their collective obituaries. Cheers!